13.Ox.Castle Key

‘KEY’ to the painting

Oil on Canvas 122cm x 183cm (2006-2014)

(Private Collection)

The intention was to produce a painting which contained a number of the most important public buildings of Oxford as well as all of the colleges. The main buildings (St. Mary’s, the Ashmolean, the Bodleian Library etc) are in the left section of the painting. The Colleges are on the right (the oldest colleges are in the upper section on the right and the newer, more recent colleges, are in the lower area of the right) There are also a number of visual references to famous people, events, publications etc related to certain colleges.

High quality giclee prints of the painting, priced at £24.99, are available from Blackwell’s Art and Poster Shop in Oxford (Tel: +44 1865 333641)

Note: there is a ‘Key’ (see below) to the painting which can be downloaded on the understanding that copyright will be respected and that this is therefore for private use only and not for general reproduction.

The Oxonian Castle 2006-2014