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La Clef Des Songes - (The Key To Dreams)
Surreal scene on two canvasses (Overall size: 71cm x 183cm) - Private Collection: London

Welcome to www.BouchardPaintings.com - Click on the links above to enter the site.

This website is in two parts. There is this, the main website, where you will find a selection of my surreal paintings as well as some of my ‘orientalist’ paintings. Most of these paintings date back quite a few years and are in private collections. However, for more recent work, click on to the ‘Sky Diary’ page where you will find yourselves entering what is, effectively, a second website dedicated to my passion: paintings of skies! The website has not been updated for a while. It will be updated in February 2016.

My current exhibition, ‘52 VIEWS OF BATH’ is at the Victoria Art Gallery, Bath, from 9th January to 21st February 2016. I hope that you will all be able to come. I intend to be at the gallery on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Instead of having a catalogue, I am producing a pack of 52 playing cards which will include almost all of the paintings from the exhibition. I will be happy to sign the packs.

The paintings that are on the cards and that are for sale can be previewed on the Victoria Art Gallery’s online catalogue:


The idea has always held a special appeal for Bouchard that, with a few simple materials such as pencil and paper, oil paints and canvas, it is possible to create a painted world of light and space that anyone can enter: a surreal world.

His two main sources of inspiration are the classical architecture that surrounds him in the City of Bath where he lives and the light and landscapes of the Middle East where he spent his formative years.

In 2010 he embarked on a new and exciting project of exploring and painting the sky on a weekly, if not daily, basis. A new website dedicated to these paintings, called ‘Bath Sky Diary' can be accessed by clicking 'Bath Sky Diary' at the top of this page. The launch of the website coincided with an exhibition of the paintings at the Victoria Art Gallery in Bath in September 2012.

Please note that most of the paintings on this website are in private collections and therefore are not for sale. However, the paintings on the new 'Bath Sky Diary' website are available for sale and can be bought directly from the artist. Details can be found on the website.